Filtering by empty columns

Is there a way to use a where to get records that have a specific column set to NULL?

This should be possible like e.g. this:

const postsWithoutAuthor = useQuery(query('posts').where({ authorId: null }))

Doing that gives me this error:

Error: Error in $.query.whereCondition.left: When parsing the record InfixOperatorExpression of type IHP.DataSync.DynamicQuery.ConditionExpression the key right was not present.

Just looked into this and found a bug in the query builder when building from a key-value object condition. Can you try .where('authorId', null) as a workaround?

The bug is fixed via Fixed infixMany building invalid conditions · digitallyinduced/thin-backend@80a9960 · GitHub but still needs to be released into a new npm release