Issue while integrating with rescript project

We have an existing rescript project and attempted to integrate thin backend into it. Started to follow this tutorial : ReScript with Thin - Thin Backend

In the 3rd step, Installed the types in our local environment. After that we are bumping into an error :
Error: package rescript-ihp-backend not found or built

  • Did you install it?
  • If you did, did you run rescript build -with-deps?
    However rescript build -with-deps is the command we are running, and getting this error.

One of my colleague also tried at his end and he too keeps getting an error, which says : scr/ error: Could not resolve “ihp-backend” (mark it as external to exclude it from the bundle)
Screenshot :

The ReScript integration didn’t get much love recently. So it’s best if you give it a try with TypeScript first. We’ll improve the ReScript integration soon-ish and get it working again in the future.