Array type entity id column possible?

Hi, when you have two tables and you create a new column that links to the other table, is it possible to make that column an array type value?
The UI lets me do it, but I seem unable to populate the field through the UI or the API.

datasync.js:507 Uncaught (in promise) Error: column "weapons_id" is of type uuid[] but expression is of type text[] while calling:

createRecord("units", {
    "weaponsId": [
    "id": "9521b5b6-264e-49c4-880f-6bf3abc83d63"

Hovering over the column in my IDE, it says it’s expecting module:thin-backend.NewUnit.weaponsId?: string[] | undefined and I’m passing string[], but the error says it wants uuid[]?
I can work around it by creating a connection table, which is probably the better thing to do anyway I guess.

Same seems to apply to Enums as well. I can’t have an enum column type that is an array.