Is it possible to self host currently?

Unlike documentation, It seems not possible to deploy thin api layer with docker.

I met following 2 case but any case doesn’t work.

  • if there is problem to connet postgresql:

    • the page localhost:8000 shows ‘some’ UI
    • it says some problem happens.
    • docker logs says it has a problem to connect postgresql.
  • if thin docker can connet postgresql:

    • docker logs says nothing.
    • the page localhost:8000 shows nothing
    • if I tried to connet localhost:8000, docker logs says “Not logged in”
    • In postgresql, there is no basic schema like ‘users’
    • Even if I made schema ‘users’ manually, it doesn’t work.

I see same problems in github and here, there is no response at all. I couldn’t find any evidance that it can be self-hosted or it was able to be self-hosted. docker image is hidden, dockerfile is not opened, source of binary also cannot be found, no response on past issues.

I wouldn’t say it should be opened or not. But it is not possible to make it work currently, it should be noted.

Could you remove the self-hosting part in and docs, or revise how to at least for not consuming time of who is interested in? such bad experiance definetly worse than nothing.

yep, ran into this as well. I had to do a bit of pestering in the forums to get an answer. They confirmed that user auth and projects are not available in the self-hosted version. A heads up would have been nice. I spun quite a bit on this one.

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Would you mind sharing why you’re trying to use Thin selfhosted instead of the cloud version at

We’re a bunch of devs behind a corporate firewall and we can’t put data online. We’d like each of us to have our own space to work. (Hence login / projects plus keep our security guy happy) I think it’s a very common scenario. You’ve got kick-ass tech here, you should really consider loosening up the rules a bit. My two cents…