Is there a way to customize login and signup pages

Hey Guys, I am very new to thin and I fricking love it, its so convenient but is there any way to customize the login and signup page as those are not exactly what i need.

Thank you.

I have tried, I do not think that is available yet. I haven’t tried via self-hosting on docker, that could be an option. I have reviewed the source code on Github and the values are set inside the function, not as params to the functions, so hopefully in the future.

I use thin just as a database, I love how easy it is to interact in real-time. I use for authentication, and do a jwt handshake to get them in-sync. offers, custom jwt templates and thin does support it. That’s just what I do, that is not an official recommendation.

If you’re using thin-backend-react, you can adjust the login and signup forms manually.

Basically copy the source code here thin-backend/auth-ui.tsx at master · digitallyinduced/thin-backend · GitHub and make adjustments to the JSX :slight_smile:

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Hey Marc, sounds great! Same thing also possible with Vue?

I’ve just had a meeting where in a Vue project the use of Thin (which I brought up) has been dismissed partly because of the redirect to domain. (The other reason was that it turned out that both Vue devs have zero experience with TypeScript)

The Vue package still uses the redirect based login approach and still needs to be ported to the newer in-page login approach like the react package. So at the moment it’s not possible with vue yet.

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