Websocket Connection failed

This error usually happen in my Vue Project.


Please help me fix this

Have you tried it in a different browser?

I have tried it in safari and microsoft edge

Could you share the project repository?

sure! I’ve just added you in the project repository

Thanks. I just cloned the repo and tried it out. I didn’t get the websocket error and it seem to have worked.

Could you try logging out of your thin app (or running localStorage.clear() to clear all auth state)? Maybe there’s something wrong with the JWT of the user you’re currently logged in.

Thank for your support, i don’t know why but this error do not happen again.

Perfect, then I hope everything is working now :slight_smile: Have fun with thin!

I have the same error and it is still there after clearing local storage. What should I do?

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happening with me too, cant connect with any database project, neither create a new one :frowning: